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so yeah: in the middle of my sailor moon obsession somehow i fell right back into kitty/pete, which is somewhat unsurprising since i got into sailor moon BY PLAYING PETE WISDOM (long hilarious story not telling it right now kthx) WHO WAS DATING PRINCESS AMETHYST OF GEMWORLD AT THE TIME??? and i'm on a fic trawl, and like... so...

the weird thing is looking on ff.net and literally only finding 65 fics with him in them? and on ao3 only 67? and i remember reading SO FUCKING MANY MORE THAN THAT between 1998 and 2005ish...

...and then i remembered that all of what i read was basically, you know, on private or personal archives. in fact most of it was on fonts of wisdom, which is now only available at archive.org.

the terrible thing is, as much as i want to go back and wallow, i also want *new content*. content that includes MI-13. content that includes kitty being a teacher at the mansion. (um, not content including the fuckery that the MU has apparently become after they merged 616 with ultimate and whatever else?? unless someone finds a way to make any of that mess make sense, which is cool, i'll totally read that.)

the REALLY terrible thing is that i have a feeling that if i want to see a resurgence in pete and kitty fics i will have to write a bunch myself to get the ball rolling, and getting the ball rolling might also be really hard because i have lost touch with most of my peeps from that era of my fannish existence, and it seems the community has fallen to bits for many many reasons.

also i'm in the middle of two multipart sailor moon fics :|


Date: 2017-04-22 01:27 am (UTC)
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I seem to recall considering a renaissance about four years ago when I realize I still had the P/W comm. But then I thought of the work it would take and failed.

(that said, I wonder if there's P/W comm on DWth. hrm)

The day I found that Fonts was gone was a very depressing time.

On the upside, I think the Dayspring Archive and its minions are still about, though I don't think the archivist is around anymore. Comicfic.net. I know the focus there was more general X-Men (and Cable, because AliciaMc). But some of it is still there.

It occurs to me that, with Fonts gone, not all of my stuff is online anymore (I was always somewhat diligent with ff'net, but porn was a no-no, there).

I don't think I'd add much more the overall volume, though.

ALSO. I wish people on AO3 would not put every single person in their tags, because that makes it hard to find things I would read. *sulks*

Date: 2017-04-23 06:15 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lyssie
Well, comicfic.net took in a bunch of the archives (Itty Bitty, Dayspring, etc), and all of those had a lot of the same authors (Subreality may have been a gimmicky thing, but it did manage to kick off a lot of people writing shit for each other, which they all then archived).

Looking at the ancient pages of X-Men fic on ff'net is a bit of a walk down memory lane.

It also occurs to me that a lot of the Kitty/Pete might be buried in X-Men due to that being the only category at the time (I know mine is). (when I was writing fanfic we walked uphill both ways in the snow and there were 14.4 modems...)

Er, which is to say, a lot of the older stuff is probably there, just harder to find as the sub-categories and character options weren't available in 2002.

(well, that's a lot of rambling)

I know Luba's can be pulled from archive, but it's still sad that it's mostly gone.

I have considered it before. But not with a lot of thought behind it (also, didn't someone once say that friends don't let friends start LJ comms?)

I HAD FORGOTTEN QUILL. Like. I made jokes a while back about her track record in dating men named Pete (because apparently, that's the best name to link her with? idek). Ok, and also, one of the comic covers has them pointing guns at each other which is like tropey catnip to me (not that I've actually read them, because, um, Bendis, ok. Ugh).

But essentially, yes. If I want to read about specific people, that's what I want to read. Not about your epic Steve/Loki fic which also contains everyone ever in the Marvel universe.


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