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I will never remember everyone who wants logos done for them unless I do it this way:

Anyone who wants me to make them a logo or a sigil or a symbol, for web or otherwise, sound off here; reply to this post. And in the reply, please tell me what it is you want, and what the graphic file is destined for.

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The Student Union on Brave and the Bold MUSH are going to be running an extremely juvenile smear campaign-- well, it can't really be classed as that anymore, because Lex doesn't have a rep to dirty anymore, omg-- so, okay, an extremely juvenile form of mild but persistent psychological warfare against Lex Luthor.

Dude, the creep just made all the Kryptonians sick and then *stole Batgirl*. THIS MEANS WAR.

So we're gonna be taggin' up cities, going all Andre the Giant Has a Posse, with--

--get this--


Here's an example:

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The source image I have prepared for all you brilliant satirists is located at http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e8/thereminboy/propaganda/smear-campaign-blank.jpg -- defile at will! :D
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Okay. Two years ago -- OLD MEME -- the Ellis ran a contest/running gag called 'Hack the Filthy Monkey'. The source image was the title graphic for the late, lamented anarchistic braindump-blog he was running at the time, diepunyhumans.

I have looked up down and sideways on the intarwubs for this source image.


In case anyone forgets which image I mean, the clearest and biggest derivative hack I've been able to find can be seen here on Flickr.

I -- for reasons that will become clear soon -- *really need that source image*. Preferably 300px wide or larger.

Please! Please? Anyone?
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Click on the thumbnail for the big version.

more chibbs

Apr. 4th, 2006 02:17 am
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Jonothon Starsmore, AKA Chamber:

These're old. Chibi Spoiler! (Sorry about the inaccuracies in costume: I was at a disreputable bar in Pennsyltuckey, trading sketches with Shane Davis and waiting for my brother to play in my friend's gig. I was distracted.)

This one was Arrowette reacting to Jast Enteris, AKA Kid Lantern.

Miss Lee

Mar. 22nd, 2006 12:44 am
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Natasha Irons' booty's cuter than yours.
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No fear; though a tag says 'magic', the contents of the post are not, in fact, a viral working. It's simply the output of a variety of my states of mind, time-lapsed to form an obvious progression. I am not well. I fear I may have contracted a case of Grant Morrison through the heresy of substitution. (Alan Moore being switched out for Morrison in the Unholy Trinity of the First Church of Garth Ennis, that is.) I suppose he had to go somewhere.

Regardless, I am not well.


[Philology] Archangel says, "'A friend's showing me pictures that he finds hilarious but I just don't get.' 'o rly?' 'How did you know? 'I'm psychic.'"
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May. 10th, 2005 03:33 am
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