Apr. 5th, 2009 09:30 pm
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Now I'm one of those people who blogs from bars. For reference, this is in fact the place I snagged for Kitty to meet Pete Wisdom at on Marvel Revolution MUCK. It's Sunday night, so the music is shitty and there are a total of 24 people in here-- maximum legal occupancy is 178.

This used to be the hangout of the NYC chapter of the Warren Ellis Forum. Back when it was the WEF. I only got kicked out for being underage once. I did keep coming back.

It's also the place I came to for my 21st. I wrote a drunk poem.

This is really, really, really shitty music. I could do something about it, but considering no one else is objecting, I don't think I really want to start a Nerdy White Music fight.

After a couple of vodka & Red Bulls, I may change my mind.
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I don't think I've posted about Torchwood yet. THIS MUST BE RESOLVED.

I swear, it's the ZOMG SEX AND KINKS version of Doctor Who. THANK YOU RUSSELL!


Spoilers. Mad spoilers behind cut. I warn you! Warn! Warn! )
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1) Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Live Wire
2) Apparition, Triad
3) Leviathan (d), Invisible Kid, XS, Chameleon, Kid Quantum I (d)
4) Brainiac 5, Spark
5) Andromeda, Shrinking Violet, Kinetix
6) Superboy (hon)
7) Star Boy, Gates
8) M'Onel, Ultra Boy, Element Lad
9) Magno, Umbra, Sensor
10) Monstress
11) Kid Quantum II, Karate Kid
12) Thunder
13) Wildfire
14) Bouncing Boy
15) Shikari, Timber Wolf, Gear
16) Polar Boy
17) I-45 (hon), Supergirl (Cygnus, voted in later as such)
18) Dreamer, Superman (hon)
19) Matter-Eater Lad, Fortress Lad (hon)
20) Sun Boy
21) Catalyst
22) Impulse (hon)
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 Your multi-descer holds the following descriptions:

 apoc bowling cosmicking fifteen holocos incognito khund legioncon lyle pulp robotica steampunk tmk uniform villain

And the descs are here. )

Okay, so there's a lot of recycled bits and repetition. But I wanted to document these somewhere other than on-game. :P A note of explanation-- most of these are plot and/or elseworlds-specific.

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Finally, the Legionnaires will be able to break the Iron Curtain of Time!


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