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I hate things a lot less now that I have seen a chiropractor. I hurt A LOT right now but now I know why and it is being worked on. Pinched nerve! Between ribs! It explains EVERYTHINNNNNG.
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Dear Diary,

I don't actually hate everything, but right now it's 3 AM and everyone's SLEEPING and I hurt EVERYWHERE and today was STUPID and it sure FEELS like I hate everything. It would be very cathartic if I could turn into a nine foot tall killing machine right now, but probably not good for my conscience later.

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Okay, so, since 1999, every time I check the 'canonical'/'mainstream' Legion book out, whatever it's going by, it's WORSE EVERY TIME.

It went a little like this.

1) I thought I picked up Legion, but WHOOPS, it was a ZOMBIE COMIC.
2) Okay, this looks like it might be okay, it-- WOAH WAIT WHAT? You... Zoe is a THINGY and Jeka is a NAGA? And... yo, /lame/, Ra's is a BATMAN villain, you have your OWN epic villains, you could at LEAST have used an ACTUAL immortal and not a cheater. But whatever. Okay. OH SHIT WHAT? Universo is-- no, okay, I disow-- aw shit, you went there. You just pissed on your own continuity with this Superboy/Church of S shit. FOAD. Oh and by the way your art may be critically acclaimed but all your faces look the same. Stupid /stupids/. And your characterization is for shit. You are not Warren Ellis writing the Authority as a crackheaded summer action flick *statement* on the *taste* of COMICS READERS. You're SUPPOSED to be writing the goddamn LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES. Not fucking Warhammer 40K novels. ARGH ARGH ARGH moving on.
3) O hai, Gail Simone! You don't suck! I hold out hope for this serie-- oh. You're writing a series cap. Cancellation. Right. Okay. I...
4) ... what?
5) Uh. Okay...
6) When did we become the X-Men? Isn't this 'feared and hated by those who we're sworn to protect' thing a little old?

WTF guys.

Since 1999. That's nine years of this. Nine years of constantly changing your bloody minds. Nine years of 'but the kids love that dark shit, right?' Nine years of 'grit and angst sell'. I thought that went out in the mid-90s. I thought that went out with Liefeld. I thought that went out with extraneous straps and belts and shoulderpads.

Then again, I also thought that since the Legion-as-gritty-future had been done *well* once and rebooted, you guys wouldn't try doing the Legion-as-gritty-future *badly*. Fuck you and fuck your weaselly message-board toadies who think Mark Millar is a genius instead of a goddamn hack.


This shit just makes me tired.

PS I hate everything.

PPS I hate the fact that I finally understand the POV that hated *my* Legion. But I don't think I can forgive the ones that still hate mine but like the new one.
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Re: http://www.stellarpath.net/Jenga/Carl/4077.htm

Billy pages: that website is a blasphemy of all that is good and holy...MMPR/JLA?? *curls up and dies*
You paged Billy with 'God wrote it as punishment for people that hell was too chilly for.'.


Feb. 3rd, 2006 06:27 pm
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