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'Um. We just kissed.' )
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'I have never felt more and less real.' )

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So much backstory. But this? Catastrophe Jones, you're in another universe. Again. This is not the familiar face you'd've expected.

I wonder whose you are. )
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I have no idea.

Wisdom! You get ate in there, Ah'm not comin' in after you! )
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Sandboxness. Weird sandboxness.

Please don't touch me--it'll be worse than windows, next time. )
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My first RP on Vienna. Czcibor falls out of the Hedge onto Martin, and Konrad and Rainer have to do damage control.

'No, I think I'll stay with the real one. This is the *world*. There are *laws* here. You might drag me *back*.' )
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---Circa 1999; Emits by Mitch Shelley, starring Sandy Hawkins--- )
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Side scene, Gotham, after Jason goes to talk to Lilith Clay. Starring Anarky.

'...Jason. Jason Todd. I need to talk to you. Please.' )
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TITLE: "Collateral Damage"
WHO: Batgirl, the Flash (Bart)
WHEN: Immediately following Lex's kidnapping of Kon (again).
WHERE: Metro, then Gotham.
WHAT: What happens after Cass and Bart both break.

'Luthor... poured her ashes in front of him. One of the... best people I've ever met... and she spent her last moments... alone... in pain... and in fear... because of *him*.' )
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What happens when you start doing masochistic RP experimentation? Like... trolling for RP on Shangri-La? If you look like you fit in there, it's hella dull, is what. Two aborted scenes was enough for me. If you BY NO MEANS fit, then it's hella /funny/.

'I used to be obsessed with Batman.' )
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Cut for spam. )
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LSV: Between the Essence and the Descent
...lies the Shade. Hello, Thom.

Information is yours for the asking; all you need do is stop believing that the future is written in stone. )
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From: Bart Allen <allenb@mail.manchester.k12.al.us>
Subject: Semi-professional query!
Date: May 25, 2005 8:20:19 AM EDT
To: Ray Palmer <rpalmer@ivy.edu>

...wow, this is incredibly awkward.


Dr. Faulkner at S.T.A.R. Labs referred me to you, because I asked her if she could get me in touch with anyone in academia that could keep a secret ID under wraps, should a hero decide to pursue a degree with the use of his powers--

Let me start over.

You know me, I'm Impulse, Barry Allen's grandson. I'm graduating high school this June, and most of my friends are going to college. A lot of them want me to go, too, but if there's one thing high school taught me, it's that I can't stand sitting through classes. They make me die a little on the inside!! Seriously - it's incredibly hard for me to learn anything from a lecture when I go on about seven mental tangents per word, and that's on a slow day.

But I really, really, really love learning things. And I'd really like to take advantage of what the university system has to offer. Kon - that's Superboy - told me about online courses, which seem ideal to me... except for one problem. The courses are paced for normal people. What I want to do - well, what I really want to do is completely blow my secret ID, because it's holding me back something fierce, but I can't do that yet - so what I'm /looking/ at doing is trying to work out deals with a few universities so that I can go through, learn, and absorb class material for my chosen majors at *my* pace. I guess it's not such a deal if there's only one side of it, though.

I need your help, Ray. I'm not sure if I /can/ do this without breaking any systems. There's reading libraries-- and well, there's having your work checked over, corrected, and guided toward improvement by someone who knows better. And that's what I'd be missing if I /didn't/ go the university route. I don't want to miss out. I want to *understand* stuff, not just know it, flat facts out of books. I want to be able to be creative with stuff, not just repeat it. But I have *so much time* - if I do things at normal speed, I'm *wasting* time.

I'm sorry - this probably sounds whiny, or like I'm looking to be an exception-- I kind of am. But only because I feel like I'll be able to give more back this way. More time to generate left over, you know? Not that anyone ever stops learning, but--

I really hope you get what I'm trying to say. I really hope you read this.

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Haha. The title? Up there? That's your meta tag, sucka. Or keywords. Whatever. I'm braindead now. This is Brainiac 5 (of the SW6 batch) discussing Inertron and PKE meters with Dr Egon Spengler.

DON'T READ if you respect me at ALL. I don't want to lose that respect.

It's going to make the mystics *cry*! )
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But it had to be retconned because I can't be in the team RP it's leading to. I couldn't think of any other reason Bart wouldn't be there to help rescue /Robin/; jeez.


The good thing about being able to teleport - it's very easy to get home fast when it's needed. Right now? It's needed, a lot. Just a moment after leaving the Vine Street area, Secret reappears in the entryway of the base and the first thing she does is find an intercom since her comm-unit is still configured differently thanks to the little mission she was out on. In one hand, a bo staff.

[Scions IC] Secret's voice comes in over the intercom, urgent and nervous. "Anyone who's here, I need to talk to someone right now! It's about Robin!" A pause. "I'm in the hub!"


The answerer being Bart, he doesn't even bother comming back; there's a rush of wind and he's there, about two feet from Secret, in civilian clothes, face uncharacteristically tight with worry. "What's up?"

"Bart!" Secret exclaims, the mists picking up as she quickly turns to face him. No surprise he's the first one to get here. Bart or Thad, she'd have expected. "Bart..there's trouble. Big trouble. Robin and I were following a couple Decimators and we were trying to find out some more things about how they're getting their powers taken away and all of a sudden they were attacked and one had a gun and the other was..it was kind of like /me/ and I couldn't do anything and they disappeared with Robin!" Good thing she doesn't have to stop to catch a breath, but the bo's been passed from hand to hand about half a dozen times before she's done explaining that much. "Robin dropped this and I think he left a tracer on it. Can we find him? They said we're going to have to take him back..!" Yes, she's worried.

It's fascinating - it's right there for Greta to see - watching Bart almost zip off to look for Robin and force himself to stay and listen and /think/; it's there on his face, at least four times as she's talking to him. And then he's reaching out and putting his hands on her elbows if she's solid, to focus her. Contact works for /him/ - why not Greta too? "Okay. Do you mean Robin has a tracer on him, and there's one on this too, and they're synched so we can track the one with the other? Or do you mean he put a tracer on his staff and then dropped it, not meaning to?" Golden eyes are intent, serious, focused on Secret's. "And did the one like you take him, or did they bundle him off physically?"

Sometimes, Secret has a sense of just making certain parts of herself solid when someone's trying to do what Bart is, like right now. He can make contact and it's maintained, and in a way it helps a little. "He..I think he..put it on the staff, but I don't know how to make it so we can find him, but we have to because I don't know what they're going to do and they.." The ghostly girl passes the bo staff over to Bart and wrings her hands nervously. "They just kind of moved by him and they all disappeared. It was like I was trying to fight myself, only it knew a lot more than me. I could probably find Robin myself but I don't know how to stop them!"

Taking the bo staff, Bart turns it over a couple of times and squints at it, then glances back up at Greta and catches her wringing her hands - the staff's shifted to just one hand, and the speedster puts the other hand over both of Secret's, lightly. "If I have to stay calm and not rush off and do anything dopey, so do you," he says almost gently, self-deprecatingly. Then he's eyeing the thing Robin put on the bo staff, wrinkling his nose. "We could call Oracle? But she might tell Batman. I wish Thad were here. Did you take this to the monitor room yet?"

"No, I..I just got here and went to the intercom right away," Secret explains, closing her eyes for a moment in an effort to compose herself better. If Bart can keep his wits about him, she'd better do the same. "Okay..I'm okay. But there was this guy with a gun and a sword that knocked him out, and the thing I was trying to fight was invisible and attacked me with knives..like they were made out of air. I think we need to get him back ourselves, too."
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#1 consists of some mild grousing and some mild angst on the part of a faun wearing a daisy chain. I know my readers. I shall spare you the daisy chain.

I play Botherbrume, the Marsh-Wiggle.

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