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[Public] Scott Summers says, "But people have so much fun taking your cigarettes from you. You'd spoil that for them?"
[Public] Kitty's Fault, Pete Wisdom says, "Of course I would."
[Public] Kitty's Fault, Pete Wisdom says, "I'm a bastard. :)"
[Public] Rahne Sinclair says, "He's Mr Fun Spoiler!"
[Public] Kitty's Fault, Pete Wisdom gets the mental image of Pete Wisdom in Stephanie Brown's costume. Breaks.
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Marrow says, "Lilandra + Xavier = Beak. Discuss."
Jill Brown says, "..."
Pete Wisdom CHOKES
Manuel says, "...I KNEW IT!"
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Booster Gold says "FINALLY, somebody who gets less cred than I do."
Booster Gold is no longer the low man on the Lounge totem pole.
Bart Allen says "Nice try, yellow shorts."
Booster Gold says "Ehhh, see if I tell you about that time that Fire beat the holy hell out of Wally."
Bart Allen says "If I really wanna know, I'll ask Fire. She'll tell me /and/ gimme a cookie."
Booster Gold says "...Yeah, you've got me there."
Bart Allen, for teh win!
Booster Gold wants a cookie, dammit.
Bart Allen shares.
Booster Gold crunch crunch munch.
Booster Gold says "Not bad. No way Beatriz made these herself."
Bart Allen says "No, she got them from Barda! Aren't they great? ^_^"
Booster Gold chokes.
Booster Gold says "...Excuse me."
Booster Gold checks to see if he has Poison Control on his speed-dial.
Bart Allen says "What? What??"
Booster Gold says "If Barda's cookies don't *taste* terrible they're PROBABLY fatal."
Booster Gold says "I wonder what she put in them this time. Ammonia?"
Thad Allen snags one. "Mmm, Cyanide-riffic.
Booster Gold heaves and gags, trying to ralph the thing up.
Bart Allen says "...but... they /all/ taste good!!"
Thad Allen says "But she mixed the aerated charcoal chips right in, so it's just an almondy taste sensation."


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