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Reading list:
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Bulfinch's Mythology by Thomas Bulfinch.
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619 Salem-Fort Elffborg Road, in the Township of Elsinboro (which has a mailing address of Salem, NJ!) has to be about the single witchiest address I've ever heard. Ever.

What makes it better is that the address belongs to the township's Tax Office.
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No fear; though a tag says 'magic', the contents of the post are not, in fact, a viral working. It's simply the output of a variety of my states of mind, time-lapsed to form an obvious progression. I am not well. I fear I may have contracted a case of Grant Morrison through the heresy of substitution. (Alan Moore being switched out for Morrison in the Unholy Trinity of the First Church of Garth Ennis, that is.) I suppose he had to go somewhere.

Regardless, I am not well.


[Philology] Archangel says, "'A friend's showing me pictures that he finds hilarious but I just don't get.' 'o rly?' 'How did you know? 'I'm psychic.'"


Oct. 31st, 2005 04:51 pm
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For this year, I am doing tech support dressed as---

--Alan Moore.

I will attempt to acquire pictures for the unbelievers.
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Don't read this if you think I'm normal. )
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You build yourself a 78-song playlist with songs that correspond to tarot cards, set it on random, and take the first ten it plays. Then you map them out. 1) environment/situation or problem facing you, 2) obstacles, 3) goals, 4) resources you have, 5) recent past, 6) near future, 7) yourself or how you see yourself, 8) your house or the people and events that immediately surround you (or what you consider home), 9) your hopes and fears, 10) the most likely outcome if what preceded isn't changed.

It also helps if you rotate the songs you use to correspond to cards - it's like using different decks. It's also entirely a neat thing to use the songs without corresponding them to cards, just use lyrics to indicate the application of the song to your life, etc etc. I'm a little caffeinated, it makes sense in my head but I'm having trouble explaining it. Sorry!


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