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You all may rememeber around 2006 i tried to order the comp album this appeared on, and asked for translations of the site and the emailback.

I have legit been waiting for this song to get on the internet since like 2000.
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And now the time's arrived at last
for the taking of names and the kicking of ass;
the lady entabled? A wound has acquired
and if we can't sort this then /we'll all get fired/
so cleave with your blades, run off at your mouths;
we'll kill all these fuckwits (pardon me, ladies) before things go south.


Strangely shifting shadows, ward his blighted eyesight's gaze
Away from hated dwarves and toward this labyrinthine maze!
Long see him things that can't exist, long scourge his sanity
and curse the things that he holds dear if he should think to flee!


everything broken and falling to ruin
daylight and eyesight and rhythm and tune
what's in the mirror that breaks all its glass?
who's on his deathbed and when shall he pass?
groping through darkness on trembling floors
hearing her screaming, the slamming of doors
lights in the sky that foretell all our fate
we whisper this prayer as they're closing the gate
never the sun again, never the sea
only the shadows that chase after me
friends within memory, friends long ago
steady my footsteps as toward death i go.
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precision timing and tuning the brass
motion in shadowboxes under glass
the gears are all spinning, the fittings all gleam

my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream
my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream

the ticking of clocks and the winding with keys
a metronome's timekeeping, windowless breeze
no buttons undone and showing no seams

my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream
my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream

my dancers are turning, my soldiers at arms
my telescope watches my castles and farms
and ships that are sailing or chugging with steam

my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream
my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream

the children are perfect, the old folk are kind
no parent is idle and no eye is blind
and friends and good neighbors all cheer the same team

my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream
my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream

it's sunshine and roses that bloom in the shade
and nights full of fireflies and stars that won't fade
no war and no irony spoil the theme

my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream
my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream
my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream
my world is like clockwork that comes from a dream
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as i was out a-walkin' in the dark and misty wood
i met a woman hunting and i knew her aim was good
as witnessed by the animals she'd taken for her prize
and hurriedly i ran to hide myself then from her eyes

i didn't hear a single sound arising from the brush
so silently she stalked the ground through branches full and lush
and when she came upon me hiding deep within a cleft
"hello!" she cried, a-laughing at me, dignity bereft.

as i was out a-calling on my friends along the road
i met a man familiar as all the winds that blowed
he sidled on beside me with a knowing little grin
but never could i place him 'til "hello!" he said again

and still was i mistaken as to who this man could be
so thought i that his sister a-hunting i had seen
i said that i had never seen such twins as were the two
he laughed again and told me that my guessing days were through

the goddess of the wild hunt had caught me in a chase
this twin that i conversed with now was but her other face
beyond the old divisions that humanity employs
this archetype beseeched me to let go and enjoy

so sing you i this story as we sit around the fire
we'll have another round of drinks and mock the world entire
and then we'll toast to fallen friends and friends we've yet to make
and choose to live our triumphs just as loud as our mistakes

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So best ever: a GOTH SKA PROJECT...



I have dibs.

Edit: And the first album could be 'A MEDICINE FOR MELANSKALY' going back to my original intent for the first album to be called Bradbury. Oh I am so damn good.
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this is really happeninggggg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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The music festival at Liberty State Park this weekend! With Radiohead, nom nom nom.

Is anyone going on Friday? Anyone wanna meet up? :D

I suddenly find myself going alone-- which isn't terrible, but if the Doctor shows up with his TARDIS, I -would- like for someone to know where I disappeared to, and all.
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Hate being understaffed at work.

Anyway: songs I sent to Batgirl because they're good and she needed writing music.

1) Interpol - Evil
2) A.C. Newman - Miracle Drug
3) Architecture in Helsinki - Neverevereverdid
4) Black Box Recorder - England Made Me
5) Cake - Commissioning a Symphony in C
6) Cake - You're Never There
7) Coldplay - Trouble (Big Beat Remix)
8) Deathboy - Dirt
9) DeVotchKa - How It Ends
10) Elliott Smith - Can't Make a Sound
11) Elliott Smith - Waltz #2
12) Embrace - Ashes
13) Heather Nova - Truth and Bone
14) Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
15) Jethro Tull - Bends Like a Willow
16) Joe Strummer - Sleepwalk
17) Mike Doughty - Grey Ghost
18) Philip Glass - Kyoko's House (Stage Blood Is Not Enough)
19) Radiohead - Everything in Its Right Place
20) Radiohead - Black Star
21) Radiohead - The National Anthem
22) Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely
23) Radiohead - True Love Waits
24) Soul Coughing - True Dreams of Wichita
25) The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
26) The Pixies - Wave of Mutilation
27) The Vandals - Crippled and Blind
28) Valdy - Renaissance Song
29) The Vandals - My Girlfriend's Dead
30) The Vandals - People That Are Going to Hell
31) Weezer - Only In Dreams
32) White Town - Your Woman
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Amanda and Thursday singing, with the High Hoo-Bah of the Local Elks Club joining in on the last line.

A: Cold skin-- I don't think I can do this.
No pulse-- why didn't I die with you?
Never again will I be warm within
[T. enters]
Our hearts, both cold and dead, are kin.
[A. gasps, seeing him.]

A: Thursday, your skin will hang in tatters...
[Whilst T. sings, A. sniffs & makes a disgusted sound]
T: Darling, our love is all that matters!
A: Uch! Stench! You keep your rotting hands off me!
T: Hey, Amanda, at least I sing in key..!

T: Undead, my love is still undying
My heart, it never did stop crying
Forever (unless there ain't no walking dead)
I'll be trying [cough/mutter] to-get-you-into-bed.

[A. sings utterly tonelessly and grossed out beyond compare]
A: Zombie, your body's decomposing.
One sneeze, you'll never get a nosering.
Forever (or until the end of time)
I'll be trying...
[Captain Elkbah joins in here]
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I'm a sad sack, I know. There's a song I heard once on WFMU, the local (and best ever) freeform radio station-- I heard it at, I don't know, it must have been three in the morning and I was driving somewhere near Montclair State University.

Long ago, I managed to track down the song name and the artist. It's 'Lada 1500' by an indie Norwegian fuzz-guitar group called Astroburger.

EVER SINCE, I have been looking for the damn song. All over the internet, trying to beg, buy, or steal it from /somewhere/, from ANYWHERE.

It's been nowhere.

NOW IT IS. I have purchased it.

...I think.

The problem is, I bought it from http://www.rekylvinyl.no, and though I'm *pretty* sure I got enough cognates and made enough logical assumptions that I managed to do it right, I can't actually tell from the response email I got whether or not they shipped it yet. I think they shipped it COD, if that's even possible anymore. I really don't know. If anyone can enlighten me, I'd be *most* pleased.

Here's the original text of the email I received:

Takk for vinylbestillingen! )

Here's the best auto-translation the Intarweb could provide, courtesy InterTran:

Cheers for vinylbestillingen! )

So like-- I can grok some of it from the aforementioned cognates and translation, but I've a horrible worry I'm missing the actual *gist* of the missive.

Halp? :D


Apr. 20th, 2006 02:23 am
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Long distance to Batgirl: Rokk Krinn suggests, and this is only what I can find off the top of my current itunes:
You paged Batgirl with 'Long Beach Dub All-Stars - 'The Harder They Come''.
You paged Batgirl with 'The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Date With the Night''.
You paged Batgirl with 'Soul Coughing - True Dreams of Wichita'.
You paged Batgirl with 'Radiohead - 'Melatonin''.
You paged Batgirl with 'Primal Scream - Give Up But Don't Give Out (Portishead remix)'.
You paged Batgirl with 'The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace With God'.
You paged Batgirl with 'Oh, and of course, Muse: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You'.
You paged Batgirl with 'Mike Doughty: Grey Ghost'.
You paged Batgirl with 'The Killers: All These Things That I've Done'.
You paged Batgirl with 'Green Day: Extraordinary Girl'.
You paged Batgirl with 'The Clash: Guns On The Roof'.
You paged Batgirl with 'Goldfinger: Question'.
You paged Batgirl with 'No Use For A Name: Justified Black Eye'.
You paged Batgirl with 'Embrace: Ashes'.
You paged Batgirl with 'The Beatles: Blackbird'.
You paged Batgirl with 'Bad Religion: Marked'.
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What you do is load your music collection into Winamp/iTunes/Whatever you use and set it to shuffle the tracks. Then you play a new song for every question.

I'm sure some of them make more sense if I look at the lyrics. Some of them are irritatingly spot on.

1) How does the world see you?
Watch Your Back - Dropkick Murphys

2) Will you have a happy life?
Others Standing By - Kristoph Klover

3) What do my friends think of me?
Armagideon Time - The Clash

4) Do people secretly lust after me?
Corner Soul - The Clash

5) How can I make myself happy?
Home For A Rest - Mudmen

6) What should I do with my life?
Wild Rover - Dropkick Murphys

7) Will I ever have children?
Black Star - Radiohead

8) What is some good advice for me?
Capital Radio - The Clash

9) How will I be remembered?
Is This Really Happening To Me - Phantom Planet

10) What's my signature dancing song?
Slow Hands - Interpol

11) What's my current theme song?
Why I'm So Unhappy - Dntel

12) What do others think is my current themesong?
Smoke Two Joints - Sublime

13) What will they play at my funeral?
Brian Boru's March - Clannad

14) What type of guy/girl do I like?
Always On My Mind - Phantom Planet

15) How's my love life?
Wake Me Up Inside - Evanescence
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Bloodhound Gang, 'I Hope You Die'
Trooper, 'Raise a Little Hell'
Bracket, 'Talk Show'

Pixies, 'Blown Away'
Joe Strummer, 'Machete'
Sublime, 'Chica Me Tipo'

Planxty, 'The Frost is All Over'
Joe Strummer, 'Brooding Six' & 'Slant Six'
Indigo Girls, 'Clampdown'

The Afghan Whigs, 'Lost in the Supermarket'
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 'Cold Light'
Diesel Boy, 'Titty Twister'
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Listening to Kid A -- the entire album, that is -- brings me right back to 2000. And to lying in bed at dawn, at Montclair State University, looking across the river and roads and trees at the pink and orange glowing New York City in the morning mist.

It reminds me of how far I thought I'd come, and how far I still know I have to go.

It makes me calm.

It brings to mind all the people I know I miss, and all the people I didn't even know I'd forgotten. It always does.

It always hurts in a good way.
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I've got my eyes on you, so best beware where you roam.
I've got my eyes on you, so don't stray too far from home.
Incidentally, I've set my spies on you,
I'm checking all you do, from a to zee.
So, darling, just be wise, keep your eyes on me.

We're all alone; no chaperone can get our number...
The world's in slumber; let's misbehave.
There's something wild about you, child, that's so contangious...
Let's be outrageous; let's misbehave.
When Adam won Eve's hand, he wouldn't stand for teasin'...
He didn't care about those apples out of season.
They say the spring means just one thing to little love birds.
We're not above birds; let's misbehave.
If you'd be just so sweet and only meet your fate, dear,
It would be the great event of nineteen twenty-eight, dear.
Let's Misbehave!
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Sidhe Bheag Agus Sidhe Mhór
(Si Bheag A's Si Mhor)
(Sheebeg and Sheemore)

Imreas mór tháinic eidir na ríoghna
Mar fhíoch a d’fhás ón dá chnoc sidhe;
Mar adubhairt an tsidh mhór go mb’fhearr í féin
Faoi dhó, faoi dhó ná an tsidh bheag.

An tráth chruinnigh na sluaighte bhí an buala teann
Ar feadh na machaireacha anonn ’s anall;
’S níl aon ariamh dar ghluais ón mbinn
Nár chaill a chionn san ár sin.

“Párlí! párlí! a cháirde ghaoil!
Sin chugaibh ár námhaid ó Charn Chlann Aoidh,
O Bhinn Eachluinn aníos na sluaighte dhíobh,
Is bímíd uile uile páirteach!“

A great contention arose between the queens,
Swelling like a fury from the two fairy hills.
For the big fairy hill said that it was superior,
Twice over, twice over, to the little fairy hill.

When the hosts gathered there was a terrible battle
To and fro over the plains;
And there was none that descended from the peaks
Who did not lose his head in that slaughter.

“Parley! parley! dear friends!
Here come our enemies from Carn Clonhugh,
Down from Binn Eachluinn in great force,
And let us all stand together!”
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Parallel Universe - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Time and Time Again - Chronic Future
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
Lose Yourself - Eminem
This Fire - Franz Ferdinand
Hate to Say I Told You So - the Hives
Basket Case - Green Day
Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated) - the Offspring
Song 2 - Blur
Thunder of Heart - the Buzzcocks
Time Is Running Out - Muse
Cadence to Arms - Dropkick Murphys
Ashes - Embrace
Wake Me Up Inside - Evanescence
I Hear You Calling - Gob
Question - Goldfinger
Holiday - Green Day
Time Marches On - the Letter Kills
Time for Heroes - the Libertines
My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You - Muse
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Currently on repeat a fair amount:

1) Tuff Ghost - The Unicorns
2) (Hospital Vespers) - The Weakerthans
3) The Day After Forever - The Chevrons
4) Waltz #2 - Elliott Smith
5) When The Curious Girl Realizes She Is Under Glass - Bright Eyes
6) Sleepwalk - Joe Strummer

...fuck explanations. I'm lazy.


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