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it's echoes in the dark, and frozen hands,
and clinging mist that soaks through to the bone.
it's certainty i've walked these haunted lands
and knowing i've not always been alone.

i can't remember what i'm searching for;
somehow these dripping caves are all that's left.
i think i may have been here once before,
but don't remember feeling so bereft,

for once upon a time my name was called.
the voice that spoke it was a sound too dear,
but name and voice, forgotten in my fall,
are distant and may never reach me here.

so onward walk i through this endless night,
for letting go would never grant me light.
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Although I speak in haiku when I’m good
And stand atop the tallest of tall things
This evil impulse grafted to my blood
Requires that my stanzas be unhinged

My rhymes may not be perfect in this arc
But I have never claimed that as a skill
Iambic is the way of kingdoms dark
Pentameter is how their minions kill

You think that this is proof my reason’s left
I cannot argue logic while we skate
Instead I’ll posture while you stare, bereft,
And draw their aggro as I flip my cape

Tho’ brainwashed to the cause of Beryl’s boss
O Sailor Moon, how stunning’s your lip gloss!
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Forever safely cold and locked in stone
Resolved to keep its burdens out of sight
The heart that cannot face the world alone
Remains immune to freedom, life, and light

“It’s not so bad,” the dreamer will insist
As echoes filter down from up above
Of all the things he thought he hadn’t missed
And loss and friendship, care, betrayal, love

Until that love with beauty bright and true
And kindness and acceptance of the weight
Contrives to break the prison that he knew
And help to shoulder loneliness and fate

With disposition lightened now perforce
Triumphant is the heart that’s shown its course


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