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Coreyvsasia.tumblr.com :3

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(And f'real, I got three papercuts on my cornea. I got PWNT by a goddamn PAPER GROCERY BAG. And yes, it'll be okay. The emergency room nurse laughed her ass off at me. At least I got some percocet out of the deal. But I hate eyedrops.)
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The Student Union on Brave and the Bold MUSH are going to be running an extremely juvenile smear campaign-- well, it can't really be classed as that anymore, because Lex doesn't have a rep to dirty anymore, omg-- so, okay, an extremely juvenile form of mild but persistent psychological warfare against Lex Luthor.

Dude, the creep just made all the Kryptonians sick and then *stole Batgirl*. THIS MEANS WAR.

So we're gonna be taggin' up cities, going all Andre the Giant Has a Posse, with--

--get this--


Here's an example:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The source image I have prepared for all you brilliant satirists is located at http://i36.photobucket.com/albums/e8/thereminboy/propaganda/smear-campaign-blank.jpg -- defile at will! :D
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Okay. Two years ago -- OLD MEME -- the Ellis ran a contest/running gag called 'Hack the Filthy Monkey'. The source image was the title graphic for the late, lamented anarchistic braindump-blog he was running at the time, diepunyhumans.

I have looked up down and sideways on the intarwubs for this source image.


In case anyone forgets which image I mean, the clearest and biggest derivative hack I've been able to find can be seen here on Flickr.

I -- for reasons that will become clear soon -- *really need that source image*. Preferably 300px wide or larger.

Please! Please? Anyone?
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Cos gives Orange-Lu a little shove to the shoulder. "Hey, hey! Knock it off, it's just water. Not like you're gonna melt, jeez. What we've /really/ got to worry about is protecting our stash, okay? Lyle's /invisible/, and he's probably gonna team up with Val, and *I've* got the bag of balloons," he says, reasonably, yet still half-laughing and soaking wet himself. "Come on, we gotta use 'em on those guys before they steal 'em!" He hands Orange a couple more balloons and starts cheating the same way Lyle is: power use that does /not/ give an advantage throwing. Yes. "Invisible Ki-iiiiid!" he singsongs, extending an MRI field out from himself, looking for that which cannot be seen. "I've got a ballooo-ooon for you!"

Closer, closer...there's a moment or two where Lyle has to duck as someone...he's not sure who, wings a water balloon right in his path, not knowing he's there. He's been taking each step slowly, trying not to let the foot-shaped impressions in the grass appearing quickly give him away. However, he's forgotten about that magnetic scan trick of Rokk's, which locates Invisible Kid's position...just behind the Braalian, hand right over the bag of ammunition. What he says next comes out as a whisper barely heard above the commotion, save for some words. "...they...protection? Krinn...considerate."

Idly from somewhere beneathe the leaves. A thin cord of some sort of highly flexible polymer is set into place. Vi pull pull pulls back on it and then launches a water balloon right to Cos.

Lyle Norg whispers "Are they for my protection? Krinn, that is so considerate."

Balanced-Lu stumbles forward a bit as she tries to turn out of the way of the balloon. It strikes her in the back, spreading a wet-spot across her camoflauge uniform. Putting her fingers to her lips, she whistles for her sisters and shouts out, "Form up on Cos! Protect the rest of the ammo."

Kinetix smiles, watching the commotion from above and mutters mostly to herslef, "That's right... form ranks around your precious supply of ammunition... just a little closer... " This could go like most Zoe schemes and either backfire or work out wonderfully. Which will it be? All in the fullness of time.

And just as Vi is launching at Cos, and Cos is discovering Lyle right behind him, he's turning around to catch his invisible teammate and GIVE him the balloon he has for him - like as in grab, smish, Vi's balloon hits the back of Cos' head and sets him offbalance, and it explodes *PLAFSH* and the one he's trying to mish into Lyle explodes *FLISSH* and Cos tumbles into Lyle and this is all pretty much instantaneous and they're headed for actually falling on top of the bag of ammunition--

*pop* *popopoppoppoppoppsplooshpopkshhhhhh!*

Caught off guard, having taken to one stance to protect himself from Cosmic Boy's incoming arsenal, he wasn't expecting Rokk to get hit and stumble forward, so Lyle is figuratively caught with his pants down, as Rokk careens into the black-clad Legionnaire's form, sending them both toppling, Cos on top of Lyle, into the bag of water balloons, sending off a flurry of soggy explosions, leaving them both sopping wet in the process.

On his back, Lyle just looks straight into Cos' baby blues. "It's never 'by halves' with you, is it?"
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"Why yes, yes I was," says the man pleasedly, folding his list up. He smiles. "I am Wowbagger, the Infinitely Prolonged. Jo Nah, you're next on the list; Tinya Wazzo-Nah, I'll get to you in due time." He clears his throat and straightens, then addresses Jo, "You're a squaj, Nah. Your hair's stupid and you lick windows."


"What?" She looks from Wowbagger to Jo and then back again. "Now just wait a minute...." She's the only one allowed to call her husband a squaj. She married him, her right. She has DIBS. "Whatever you are, just who do you think you are?" Every convention has to have a token jerk. "Come on, Jo. We don't have to listen to this." See. The High Road.

"Yeah..." Jo says, looking Wowbagger up and down. He waits, though. Standing there. Thinking that over. "Sorry you feel that way..." he says to the man. And then one of his fists go right into Wowbagger's jaw. Hard. It happens so fast it's impossible to stop it, really.

The high road, the low road -- they both lead to Rome. Wowbagger goes SAILING back toward the ramp of his ship, and it's a testament to his resilience that he's neither dead nor unconscious. He didn't come to pick a fight, so he merely picks himself up, rubbing his dislocated jaw, glaring back over his shoulder at Jo and Tinya. And then back up the ramp he goes.

"Wow. Didn't think I hit him that hard." Jo says academically, as if it was no big deal at all. He kind of grins, proud of himself. But then Tinya hasn't put in her two cents yet.

Tinya blinks as the man goes flying backwards. She blinks at Jo and then watches as the Infinite whatshisface walks back to his ship as if nothing at all had just happened. Tinya grabs Jo's hand and begins to pull him away. "I can't believe it, that's all he wanted to do? Just insult you?" She shakes her head and begins muttering underneath her breath, none if very lady-like. "Still, you shouldn't have hit him. Hopefully he won't file any assault charges...."
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Brainy, perhaps realizing that he would do little to assist the diplomatic effort, has taken out his dubious device again and started tinkering while the other make arrangements. Whether this is his version of "Bad Cop" is open to question.

"Victories, no!" exclaims His Eminence, with an honestly shocked look on his well-groomed face; he squints at the holo, and then his eyebrows lift in polite disbelief. "Cosmic Boy? Cosmic Boy's face is well known by our customs officials; they're all last-station failures from the Dark Circle fiasco. I'm afraid there *won't* be a record if he *did* pass through. We will, of course," he adds hastily, lifting his hands and holding them open, a gesture rarely given by a Khund, "make every effort to aid you in seeking out whoever would do something so foolish as to purchase a citizen of the United Planets."

Sun Boy removes an information chip from his omnicom and pushes it over to the Governor. "We thank you for your cooperation. This chip contains information relating to one Katherine Donovan - the smuggler who both obtained and then sold Rokk Krinn. It also contains her testimony to the Science Police regarding the identity of his buyer." He clears his throat. "There are also some behavior patterns you should look for. Reports of an *extremely* recalcitrant slave, for example. Possible initiation of revolts, definately repeated escape attempts. The kind of slave your average Khund overseer couldn't get any use out of. At all. But also one that would become too dangerous for them to outright dispose of."

"It's my understanding that Cosmic Boy's identity would most likely have been concealed before he arrived her," Dyrk adds. "That's why we're looking for the buyer. Regardless, you understand it's essential that he be located."

"More than the usual attempts to displace their owners, then?" The Governor accepts the information chip and slips it into a mechanism on his desk, scanning files rapidly. "Hm. Merchandise acquired around that time, by that factor -- ah. We have one citizen settled down with his former owner's wives and property, and one inept brawler whose price has gone down every trade. But both of them are Khunds. Still. You're welcome to take a look at both of them. If nobody's killed them yet." He returns the chip to Sun Boy, shaking his head, with the information on the new two encoded. "And we'll have our customs inspectors keep a look out..."

Sun Boy considers the two options. He rubs his chin. "That's... very odd." He rubs his chin. "Now, if *I* were the one enslaved, I would probably get rid of my owner and-" He looks at the rest of the assembled Legionnaires. "Hmmmm. Can you get them both brought here?" He asks as he examines his omnicom. "Because honestly, on one hand Rokk Krinn is a *very* smart man. Smart enough to displace his owner, turn over effective control of his property to the poor fellow's wives, and then patiently await rescue." He sighs. "On the OTHER hand, he's got just enough integrity to completely abandon all cunning and- You all get the idea."

"Of course." Functionaries are dispatched - functionaries with, yes, spears, axes, guns, and chains. Because what else would a good Khund listen to? It takes less than half an hour before the citizen arrives, one Gharant. He's a hulking crimson figure, a good seven feet tall; if he had both his hands he might be a challenge for the Governor.

In short, if the guy grunting, "You called?" is Cosmic Boy, Katherine missed a calling in plastic surgery.

Star Boy just remains quiet in the back of the room. He sighs gently, crossing his arms against his chest. He looks to the functionaries as they go running out.

Sun Boy looks up at Gharant and shakes his head. "Oh, *Rokk*. I had such high hopes." He looks to the governor. "This one's not him. I'm sure of it." He reaches out to shake Gharant's hand. "I'm sorry to have wasted your time like this, sir."
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5/19/06 1:32 AM
5/19/06 1:33 AM
Gina Dare
er-- hi
5/19/06 1:33 AM
do I know you?
5/19/06 1:33 AM
well not too sure
5/19/06 1:33 AM
but will like to knw u
5/19/06 1:33 AM
5/19/06 1:33 AM
I am Austin
5/19/06 1:33 AM
and u ?
5/19/06 1:34 AM
Gina Dare
no, that's okay.
5/19/06 1:34 AM
i'm really busy resonating concrete.
5/19/06 1:34 AM
5/19/06 1:34 AM
Gina Dare
but thanks!
5/19/06 1:34 AM
can i add u
5/19/06 1:34 AM
Gina Dare
5/19/06 1:34 AM
so we can chat later
5/19/06 1:34 AM
Gina Dare
5/19/06 1:34 AM
It's ok
5/19/06 1:34 AM
take care
5/19/06 1:34 AM
Gina Dare
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there's nothing wrong with a little tender loving care
the learning channels characters through the medium of an Author's method acting
like a kid in a candy store
out in the rain
gary sinise in the civil war between the states of consciousness
salt n pepa hair for an old president with an honorable past
the point of no return
the final threshold for pain
is trudy trusoe interviewing a pathfinder
or safari with a nasa logo because the face is picasso
which is google
not googol or gogol
eugene is my mother's father, dead eleven years and still getting mail
also dirk and shanie live there in my memory
i missed the rob boat long ago, because robber barons aren't klepto
long ago there were pirates, beaming waves
waving beams
o tired zzz.
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...is a great metaphor for a Kitty/Pete fic set just before Excalibur #120, or similar events.

Why in fuck does SHAWN COLVIN make me think of PRYDE AND WISDOM FANFIC?
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[Public] Scott Summers says, "But people have so much fun taking your cigarettes from you. You'd spoil that for them?"
[Public] Kitty's Fault, Pete Wisdom says, "Of course I would."
[Public] Kitty's Fault, Pete Wisdom says, "I'm a bastard. :)"
[Public] Rahne Sinclair says, "He's Mr Fun Spoiler!"
[Public] Kitty's Fault, Pete Wisdom gets the mental image of Pete Wisdom in Stephanie Brown's costume. Breaks.
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Believers Say Virgin Mary Statue Weeps Blood

Wonder what Warren'll say. If anything. Other than 'why the fuck is this news?'
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Haha. The title? Up there? That's your meta tag, sucka. Or keywords. Whatever. I'm braindead now. This is Brainiac 5 (of the SW6 batch) discussing Inertron and PKE meters with Dr Egon Spengler.

DON'T READ if you respect me at ALL. I don't want to lose that respect.

It's going to make the mystics *cry*! )
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I tried to say I'd be there.

I tried to ring you, I did, and let you know it was going to be me with the gun. Give you a chance. Give you a chance to stop me, because you know how I work, you of all people know how I think, how I function.

You bastard, you didn't pick up.

You didn't pick up and I had to go through with it, with the entire fucking thing.

Now I'm holed up in the little flat in Bristol that hasn't got doors because I bricked them up, hasn't got windows because they're plastered over, hasn't got an address because it hasn't actually been there for years and years, and I'm killing time waiting for them to find me, and they never will.

You might find this notepad.

No, the blood on it isn't mine, it's hers. It got all over and won't come off, you know how these things work.
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No - I was not Xavier. Yes, Xavier was the one being tested.

'Hello, my name is Charles Xavier. What may I ask is you name?' )
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Beware old Amnesties: they bite. With fangs. Holy crap. No really, I mean, look:

Long distance to Drusilla: Nny sidles over. Scene? :D
Long distance to Drusilla: Nny kills people in demented ways! You'd love me.
Long distance to Drusilla: Nny hmms! Is there someplace with a lot of really pretentious people?
Drusilla pages: GarouMUSH! Or...hell, we can spoof some dining ball or something ;)
Long distance to Drusilla: Nny *laughs*!!
You paged Drusilla with 'Let's spoof GarouMUSH!!!'.
Long distance to Drusilla: Nny does best killing a) goths, and b) yuppies. And c) jocks. And d) popular people.
Drusilla pages: OK! I call the CrimsonBloodDeath Grammar Nazi Tribe!
Long distance to Drusilla: Nny LOL!
From afar, Drusilla dies. Goths. Yes.
Long distance to Drusilla: Nny grins. Let's kill us some Mall Vampires. Dude! The Mall!
From afar, Drusilla mmms, mall.
You paged Drusilla with 'Where all the fake goths hang out. In front of Hot Topic. Wearing dog collars and shirts with me on them.'.

I would like to meet any powerful surface. Mummy fancies to set them afloat upon a swarm of locusts. Bzzzz. I can find my own blood, dearie. Or it finds me; my little lost lambs. Yeah. )


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