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Trying again. I'm planning on goddamn making it this year. 50,000 words (or more!) in thirty days.

I'm idly considering Global Season, and what my wordcount was for August. I don't particularly have the desire to actually go through all the Crisis logs, pull out my poses and emits, stick 'em in a Word doc and do a count, but for the love of Mike that was a lot of writing. I bet you it came close.

Jesse said something a long time ago that wound up as my .sig for quite a while, and it's stuck with me ever since; I think of it whenever I bemoan my lack of followthrough:

"If we all wrote as much as we roleplayed, we'd be fucking swimming in novels."


So what I'm gonna be doing until November 1st is getting into the habit.

I'm gonna write 1667 contiguous words a day, all stuff unrelated to the story I have planned.

A huge percentage of them will probably be crap, so they're all gonna be behind cuts. I'm too much of an attention whore to friends-lock or group anything (which none of you had any way of really *knowing* before now, hah!), but I will be tagging them under both 'writing' and 'nanoprep'.

NOTE: These *really are* going to be unapologetically craptastic, unedited *monsters*. If you wanna comment, go 'head and comment, and I always love feedback (even feedback that says 'Oh my good Christ, that was awful, what in hell are you smoking, dogshit or something?' because it means someone's reading, ahahaha. I told you. Attention whore. I like putting my pretty pictures on the refrigerator) BUT-- I know ahead of time that they're crap, and now, so do you. So like, don't take it personally if I don't edit after being given cool constructive criticism, and don't think I'm ignoring if I don't reply to a comment-- rest assured that I *read comments*. Oh yes I do.

I wonder how many words that was? ;)


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